Mock Test-5

প্রকাশ: ০৪ অক্টোবর ২০১৯     আপডেট: ০৩ অক্টোবর ২০১৯

Preparation for Extempore Speech (For Secondary, Higher secondary and Tertiary level students)

Instruction: Participants will be given a topic on the spot 3 minutes preparation time. Then they'll deliver the speech in the next 3 minutes.
Here is a sample topic for extempore speech for the students to prepare: Should school uniforms be mandatory?
Sample answer to the speech:
I believe that school uniforms should be mandatory. First and foremost, school uniforms create a sense of equality. Students of various social classes belonging to varying socio-economic backgrounds may be attending the same school but the class distinction becomes invisible when all the students wear the exact same uniform. When an institution does not make a uniform obligatory, there is room for those belonging to a higher class to bully those belonging to a lower class. After all, the kind of clothes one wears and the number of clothes one has can be signifiers of one's financial status. For example, in an institution where a uniform is not made mandatory, a child with affluent parents may wear five different sets of clothing on the five school days of a week. On the other hand, a child with parents who cannot afford to buy many items of clothing for their child, may wear one shirt on two days of the week. This may lead to bullies mocking the latter for not having enough.
As a result, the bullied child will end up feeling inadequate and poor, and this may in turn put an undue pressure on the child's parents to buy their child more clothes that they cannot afford. A school uniform removes this problem. Moreover, a school uniform encourages discipline. It reminds the students where they are and how they are supposed to behave. Furthermore, a school uniform gives a sense of identity and contributes to the sense of unity. By wearing a uniform, pupils are bound together by what they are wearing and they will feel a sense of communal identity. Another noteworthy advantage of a uniform is that there are practical benefits when students are outside the school's campus. For instance, being readily identified with a particular institution may make students more aware of their behaviour while travelling to and from the school, leading them to act more considerately, e.g. to other passengers on public transportation. Last but not the least, a school uniform may prepare pupils for their lives later - once they begin to work, after the completion of their studies. This is because they will be expected to be presentable, dress appropriately to their workplace and adhere to the dress
code set by their employer. Overall, school uniforms should continue to exist for as long as schools do!

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